Take A Ginger A Day To Fight Prostate, Ovarian & Colon Cancer Within 2 Months


Modern science has confirmed that ginger is not only delicious and healthy but may contain some powerful medicinal properties and it may even fight cancer.

As a cancer champion, ginger has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-proliferative effects upon tumors making ginger a promising chemo-preventive agent.

While ginger has been deemed a great natural remedy for those who are undergoing chemotherapy, it can also be used in larger quantities to treat cancer of its own accord.

Ginger For Ovarian Cancer

Despite numerous therapies available to fight breast cancer, it remains the most common type of cancer and the leading cause of death among women. In addition, despite an initial response to chemotherapy, breast cancer cells often survive and form resistance to treatment.

With less side effects, less toxicity and no chance of developing drug resistance, ginger may actually offer more benefits for ovarian cancer patients that traditional chemotherapy.

Ginger For Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most over-treated cancers out there.

The British Journal of Nutrition recently found that ginger extract actually killed human prostate cancer cells.

The extract could slashed prostate tumor growth in half in just 8 weeks.

Ginger For Colon Cancer

Ginger supplements appear to lower some indicators ofinflammation in the colon, a new study shows. The study, published in Cancer Prevention Research, is an early step toward finding out whether compounds found in ginger root might prevent colon cancer.

How To Use Ginger as as Medicine

Regularly consumption of ginger as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle might help prevent cancer from even taking root in the first place.

In general, it is not recommended to take more than 4 g of ginger per day, whereas pregnant women should not take more than 1 g per day.


Source: Healthy and Natural House



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