To Stop Being Obese Eat More Mushrooms


Alice in Wonderland may have used mushrooms, and we will talk about mushrooms’ special health benefits here a bit more. They can fight obesity.

They have been used in Asia for a long time, more than 2000 years. Their liquid can keep the body shielded from weight gain and inflammation too. There was a mice study to prove this.

More on the link between obesity and mushrooms:
This was conducted at the Chang Gung University I Taiwan. They examined the Ganoderma lucid um mushrooms or Lingzhi in China and Reishi in Japan. These mushrooms fight bad organism in the mice guts as they said. Those bodies made obesity in the mice.

The study was official in the Nature Communications journals. It can also resolve digestion problems they claimed. They were not sure what causes substantial obesity, but this veggie certainly helps.

The benefits of mushrooms
The mice study stated that mushrooms are perfect for the belly bacteria organisms. It minimizes fat storage despite fats in the food. Also, it reduces inflammation and risk to insulin resistance, fatty disease, cancer, sleep apnea and diabetes 2.

This obesity issue is a significant threat to this modern life living habits. 500 million people have obesity and 1.4 billion per year are overweight.

Mushrooms and their extracts can treat this, but they are not a miracle. There still yet has to be a human study, but there is optimism about the results there too.

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