Must Try! Each Finger Is Connected To An Internal Organ, Press Them For 5 Seconds To Get Rid Of Pain.

Chronic pain or discomfort in varying parts of our body have not been satisfactorily addressed by doctors and alternative medicine can often be light years ahead of western medicine when it comes to relieving pain.

However, reflexology is worth looking on it’s benefits as an alternative form of pain resolution.

The principles of reflexology have led to the idea of finding the pressure points within the palm of your hand that are connected to the part of the body causing you pain.

The Japanese have a great fingers-based curing treatment that will take only five minutes of your time.

This ancient art of healing is known as Jin shin Jitsu and it is beneficial for your emotional balance. This is due to the stimulation of certain points of the hands.

By pressing the thumb point into the corresponding part of the hand for 5 seconds, releasing for 3 seconds, pressing again and repeating this cycle for several minutes, several times a day you will get results.

* Thumb

Organs: spleen and stomach
Emotions: depression and anxiety
Physical symptoms: headaches, skin issues, nervousness, stomachache

* Index finger

Organs: kidneys, urinary bladder
Emotions: confusion, discontent, fear
Physical symptoms: digestion issues, muscle pain, toothache, back pain

* Middle finger

Organs: liver, gallbladder
Emotions: irritability, rage, in determination
Physical symptoms: circulation issues, headaches (in the frontal area in particular), tiredness, menstrual pain, migraines

* Ring finger

Organs: lungs, large intestine
Emotions: fear, pessimism, sadness
Physical symptoms: skin conditions, digestion issues, asthma and other respiratory problems

* Little finger

Organs: heart, small intestine
Emotions: anxiety, nervousness, lack of self-confidence
Physical symptoms: heart disease, bone issues, pain in the throat



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