Mom Heals Varicose Veins With This Very Simple Recipe. The Results Are Almost Immediate!

#1 Varicsose Veins

Varicose veins may be some of the most annoying physical features that develop with age. One thing that many people may not know is that varicose veins are typically genetically passed down. What that means is that if your has varicose veins, then there’s a good chance that you will too.

#2 Varicose Veins

For some, these veins appear for people in the late 20s. If nothing is done to eliminate them, then it’s likely that it can become a more permanent and ugly problem.

#3 Susceptible

Other signals to know if you’re susceptible to getting varicose veins include your age, blood flow, change in hormones and fitness.

#4 DIY

This homemade remedy is 100% effective and only contains natural ingredients. The woman who came up with the recipe had this to say about it: “This remedy completely treated my varicose veins, an issue I fought for years…”

#5 The Recipe

The recipe calls for a half cup of carrots, apple cider vinegar and a half cup of aloe vera pulp. Blend the carrots and aloe vera. Then, simply include the vinegar to the consistency of your liking.

#6 Then, You…

The solution should then be applied to the parts of your body where you have varicose veins. If you really want to see results, you should rub in the mixture, lift up your leg (or whatever your affected area is) and massage up and down the affected area.

#7 Quick Relif

If you want the most relief as fast as possible, raise the leg to an angle of 45 degrees. Find some juniper essential oil and cypress essential oil to add in the mix as these liquids help reduce swollen skin.

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