Manage Arthritis And Rheumatism With The Help Of Ginger Water Compresses


Since ancient times, ginger has been used for a treatment of colds and flu. Nowadays, ginger is extensively used as a useful common medication for the treatment of rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis, menstrual pain, and other similar conditions.

There are two ways in which ginger can be used:

Ginger water – cook half a tsp of ground ginger and 150 ml of boiling water. Leave the mixture to cool down and then drink it twice per day for a whole month.

Ginger compresses – grind 40 grams of dried ginger and put it in a cloth bag. Then, put the bag in a pot of boiling water and leave it for 5 minutes. Next, soak one cotton cloth in the water and squeeze out the surplus water, and then apply it to the painful area. Wrap it with a dry towel to maintain the warmness.

The compress needs to be replaced every 10 minutes, and the procedure needs to be repeated three times per day. You can also massage the painful areas with the help of ginger water. This will better the circulation.

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