You Can Be Cured In Just 5 Minutes Using This Japanese Method And You Don’t Have To Pay Anything!

Did you know that Japanese alternative medicine is based on many different beliefs that can cure illnesses and diseases?

There is a method based on the belief that each finger of your hand is related to 2 organs in your body.

The most amazing thing is that the very method can provide positive results in only 5 minutes!

This fantastic method is called Jin Shin Jyutsu . It balances emotions by stimulating certain points of the hands.

This is considered to be a form of healing art and it lies on the belief that some important points of the fingers are able to maintain a balance of the body energy, so that they could in turn promote physical and emotional health.

You should breathe deeply and afterwards while you’re doing this and you should massage the fingers on both hands.

The whole procedure lasts for only 3 minutes.

Read below about the connection between the fingers and the body organs:

1. Thumb

Organs: spleenwort and stomach
Emotions: depression and anxiety
Physical symptoms: headaches, skin issues, nervousness, stomachache

 2. Index finger
Organs: kidneys, urinary bladder
Emotions: confusion, discontent, fear
Physical symptoms: digestion issues, muscle pain, toothache, back pain

 3. Middle finger
Organs: liver, yolky bitter
Emotions: irritability, rage, indetermination
Physical symptoms: circulation issues, headaches (especially in the frontal area), tiredness, menstrual pain, migraines

4. Ring finger
Organs: lungs, large intestine
Emotions: fear, pessimism, sadness
Physical symptoms: skin conditions, digestion issues, asthma and other respiratory problems

5. Pinkie
Organs: heart, small intestine
Emotions: anxiety, nervousness, lack of self-confidence
Physical symptoms: heart disease, bone issues, pain in the throat

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